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How to use interpreters in strategic negotiations, but also in unfamiliar situations. 

Michael is an international project manager. He meets with local authorities and decision makers to discuss decisive issues, obtain important information and land strategic project deals with his negotiation partners.
Michael speaks English fluently, but his conversation partners only have command of the local language.
For this meeting, Michael enlisted the help of a liaison interpreter.

Dorothea is an event manager and is organising an international congress.
Speakers from various countries are presenting technical presentations, some of which are in their local language. Dorothea would like to ensure that all participants understand the presentations from the international speakers.
To make sure all guests and participants are able to follow the presentations in real time and ask questions, Dorothea enlisted the help of simultaneous interpreters.

Antonio is a train driver for an Italian railway company. A system failure arises during a cross-border train journey, which can only be rectified through the intervention of a technician from the foreign system manufacturer. Thanks to an immediately organised telephone conference between Antonio, the foreign service technician and a telephone interpreter, the problem can be solved quickly.

Michael, Dorothea and Antonio have realised the importance of using interpreters. By overcoming language barriers, they are able to precisely communicate content, help to expand their networks and achieve important goals. According to a study from the Common Sense Advisory, the demand for interpreters is constantly growing, as indicated by 66% of the buyers of interpreting services. Quality, experience and technical expertise of the interpreters play a deciding role in their selection. langXpress relies on a consolidated network of professional simultaneous, conference and liaison interpreters and has recently started offering a multilingual telephone interpretation service which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Talk to us to find out how we can help you!


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