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Quality control

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To achieve our objectives of flexibly responding to customer requirements as well as performing rigorous quality controls that characterise the work flow of all our orders

  • we select professional translators based on the relevant field of specialisation and type of text and we provide them with the tools essential for completing the task at hand: translation memories maintained by our in-house team in most up-to-date revision, any glossaries compiled by the client, reference materials, links to websites as well as support in case of problems that may arise during the translation process;
  • we rely on competent proofreaders assigned the task of verifying that the product submitted by the translator satisfies our established standards: integrity and adherence to terminology, proper grammar/style/form and accurate interpretation of the source text;
  • we take advantage of the expertise of our project managers: because they too are translators, they are highly capable of responsible and knowledgeable translator-proofreader-customer coordination for optimised project results, which is based on processes aimed at the elimination of potential errors and constant improvement in quality of services rendered;
  • we make use of IT tools such as Trados, Across, Catalyst and Passolo ("computer-aided translation" programs) that permit us to reduce costs, accelerate the work flow of projects while at the same time augmenting the level of cohesion and uniformity of terminology;
  • we integrate the terminology and phraseology databases into a streamlined system always at hand and supplement our array of software at regular intervals, receiving training for this (including participation in refresher courses and professional development courses), a strong point of langXpress;
  • we ensure consistency by using the same resources for the same jobs and/or same clients;
  • we implement a hard copy/digital work flow management and filing system to ensure quick-and-easy process reproduction and retracing of previous work for new jobs.