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Group or company course

The course takes place at the location of the group or of the company. It is structured with the priority at its core being the needs of the group or of the company with regard to frequency (number of sessions and schedules) and professional capabilities (technical, medical, legal) as well as linguistic capabilities (speaking, writing, listening) to be developed. The instructional program and the duration of the course are decided by the instructor together with the group and/or the company according to the level of language proficiency identified in the beginning. Similarly to the one-on-one course, the instructional materials shall be selected with consideration for the level of language proficiency or for the course (general or field-specific), placing more emphasis on the aspect of vocabulary and grammar or on the technical and specialised aspect. We provide flexibility in the organisation of lessons, provided the instructor agrees.

Our clients include
Deutsche bahn OBB - Austrian railways
Stadler Rail AG Siemens Rail
Aebt Rail Faiveley Transport
Janssen-Cilag pharmaceuticals Heraeus Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Novartis Pharmaceutical Ciba Chemicals
Politecnico di Milano University of Milano-Bicocca
Grundfos Cogest - Meeting & Congress

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